Screenshot of stats from FacebookThe biggest social media project Ely has ever seen and likely to see is still growing stronger day by day and now we have taken the decision to become completely environmentally friendly.

Just take a look at the Facebook stats from the last 7 day opposite.

As you can see this week alone we have nearly 100 new followers and we have reached in excess of 80,000 people with nearly 15,000 engaging with what we do.

But the vast numbers do not stop there!!

We have a website too. We regularly have 2000 visitors per day and now try to post about 6-8 stories a day.

The events section is ever growing, we have so far listed over 3,000 events and publicise them through our Facebook Group which itself has a further 3000 members.

And now our vacancy section, well that grew in days to 2000 followers, all ‘looking for’ or ‘listing’ work.

The numbers astound us every day. Stories we write get numbers we just cannot believe sometimes but we don’t make them up out of thin air. These are all recorded by Facebook and our WordPress partners. We could say we get 10,000 copies printed but do you know how many read it? At Spotted in Ely we only use channels that allow us to monitor real numbers.


Businesses need to promote and we have just the tool for you to do it and we’ve dropped the prices right down to make them affordable.

Running Spotted in Ely is a full time job for 1 and part time for another and till now we have done this voluntarily and have loved doing it but that doesn’t help with the bills. The site itself costs us hundreds of pounds a month to run just in the software and hardware we use and the travelling around.

So here’s a deal for your business I think you are going to want to get involved with. We have 3 levels of sponsorship, you decide which is best for you:

Sponsorship Deal 1: £35 for one week. You get a logo on nearly every page of the website which can be clicked through to any website or social media site of your choice plus you get one story onto the Spotted in Ely Facebook timeline during that week and when available, a free quarter page advert into our new upcoming weekly E-Magazine. We do not carry over missed story timelines so be sure to use within the week you pay for.

Sponsorship Deal 2: £25 per week (minimum 4 weeks). All of the same as deal 1 except half page adverts in the E-magazine but with a minimum period of 4 weeks.

Sponsorship Deal 3: £20 per week (minimum 12 weeks). All of the same as deal 1 except half page adverts in the E-Magazine but with a minimum period of 12 weeks. £25 per week if you want full page.

Your site sponsor logo dimensions are fixed at 175px wide by 100 px tall. Magazine sizes will be sent to you on production.

We do not include any graphic work done in the deals above although we can do this for you for an additional fee.

We have done E-Magazines in the past and found it has been viewed in excess of 16,000 times. We want to increase that to 20,000.

So there is the new easy deal system we are running on Spotted in Ely. For more information email today.



We’ve gotten pretty good at social media over the last few years and we would love to help you with yours.

We can help with:

Online Marketing

and a whole lot more. For more information call Mark on 07778576470 or email