Four Speeders in 40 Minutes

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PolicePC Guy Spencer deployed today at 11 a.m. on Cambridge Road, Ely, conducting speed checks.

In a forty minute period he issued no fewer than four tickets to vehicles, clocking speeds of 43mph, 48mph, 49mph, and even 50mph in that 30mph zone.

The officer has commented:

“This stretch of road is 30 miles per hour for a reason. 50 mph is lethal. It is as simple as that.”

We have previously quoted statistics on collision speeds. 30 mph in a collision will result in 50% of people struck by cars surviving. 40mph will kill 90% of collision victims outright. We do not expect any pedestrian at any time to survive a 50 mph collision.

Special Constable Tom Howard, working with PC Spencer has commented:

“Thankfully it is genuinely quite rare to evidence a vehicle travelling at 50 mph in a 30 mph zone. This is a built up area – there are plenty of pedestrians – it’s a scary situation.”

All of the drivers stopped were subject to Traffic Offence Reports and could face fines, penalty points or even driving bans.