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Terms & Conditions

21st June 2017

  1. “Publisher” means Spotted in Ely details contained below. “Advertiser” means any person, firm or company who enters into an agreement with the Publisher. An Advertiser is any person, business or organisation, whether fee-paying or not, who is using the Publisher’s property for awareness or advertising.
  2. Measurements for online submissions are dealt with in pixels. Print advertising submissions are dealt in millimetres.
  3. The Publisher prides itself on producing continual high-quality content and we ask the same of the Advertiser. This document will outline submission entries and what meets the requirements of the Publisher.
  4. The Publisher regularly reviews its quality standards and submissions that do not meet the requirements will either be subject to a fee to correct the error or rejection.

  5. Stories and press releases must be submitted where text and graphics are separated. Text can in the body of an email, a Word or Notepad document and be of good grammatical standing. Photos and graphics must JPG or PNG format and no smaller than 400px on any one side or less than 1mb in file size. All other formats will be rejected or subject to a fee to change by the Publisher at a cost to the Advertiser.

  6. For advertising submissions to be used in print format, all entries must meet the sizes of the advertising space bought or granted and either in JPG and PDF with a resolution of 150 dpi or greater.

  7. For advertising submissions to be used in an online format, all entries must meet the sizes of the advertising space bought or granted and either in JPG and PNG format with a resolution of 72 dpi or greater. No side must be less than 400px.

  8. Events are imported using an automation process and powered by Facebook events. The Publisher reserves the right to refuse entries if not completed on a public platform. Submissions for events to be made either to our Facebook group or to our Event Co-Ordinator alison@spottedinely.com.
  9. With the exception of events, all submissions must be made by email to mark@spottedinely.com no later than the closing date for submissions as per your contract or from the publication date page on the the Publisher’s website.
  10. We do not accept postal submissions.
  11. It is the responsibility of the Advertiser to ensure that the information or advertisement supplied is correct. The Publisher bears no responsibility for submissions.

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