Spotted in Ely is dedicated to ensuring the safety and well-being of children under the age of 18 and any adult who would be considered as vulnerable. Consideration of the feelings of such persons are at the heart of any production, photo or article we produce.

The level of relevant care will be considered dependent on the circumstances in which we are operating.

We always seek permission for any filming, photography or articles where personal details may be made public for any person considered vulnerable however from time to time we do our work at public events and while we try to make everyone aware what we are doing, this is not always possible.

Filming, photography and reporting from a public event is not an offence and any person caught within images cannot request their removal unless they have been filmed or photographed directly and are the subject of the piece of work. This applies to the watching public and not the performer.

It is clear that the public enjoy our work and we work towards reaching a wider audience and if it is a public event then it is the responsibility of the attendee of the event to make themselves known should they wish to not appear in productive piece created by Spotted in Ely.

Where we have sought permission to conduct our work and permission granted then the organisation concerned will be responsible for making the work being performed by Spotted in Ely known to attendees of the event.

Any person wishing to complain about our work can do so using the Complaints Procedure.