1000 Origami Cranes Exhibition

In October a fundraising exhibition to raise awareness of World Mental Health Day, and a celebration of a full recovery story from Postnatal Depression, will be in Ely.

Ely resident and charity worker, Laura Pearson-Clark will be holding a two day fundraising exhibition on Saturday 6 and Sunday 7 October at Chequer Studio, in the heart of the city centre.

After the birth of her daughter in 2014, Laura battled with postnatal depression for the first two years of her daughter’s life and was referred to an Art Therapist in 2016. The 12 week art therapy course provided by the NHS was a turning point and marked the beginning of a full recovery journey:

Laura said: “It was in my penultimate art therapy session that I discussed an idea I had for a new art piece. After visiting Newhall College’s Japan Day, I read up about the Japanese legend that if you make 1000 paper origami cranes you will receive eternal good luck. The cranes are also known for symbolising resilience and well-being. I wrote to patient liaison services and gained permission and full access to copies of my patient notes to make my cranes and a year later I had a spare room full of them!”

On the exhibition days you’ll be able to see all 1000 cranes hanging, learn the art of ‘Mindfoldness’ and how to make an origami crane yourself. You’ll also be able to find further information about all the charities and organisations who provided support and ways you can get involved in the amazing work they do.

There will also be a ‘name a crane’ fundraising game to help Laura reach her fundraising target of £1000 to support all the great work of the Friends of St John’s School Ely.

Further information can be found in the events section on the Chequer Studio Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/chequerstudio

1000 Origami Cranes Exhibition, Saturday 6 and Sunday 7 October, 10.30am-4pm, Chequer Studio, 1a Chequer Lane, Ely, CB7 4LN. https://www.facebook.com/chequerstudio


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