Ely Virtual Brick Show

The Ely Virtual Brick Show
After coronavirus hit, many Lego enthusiasts across the country were left disappointed as various Lego shows were cancelled. Father and son, Duncan and Callum , who have been building Lego models and sets for many years, as well as visiting and participating in Lego shows run by other AFOLs (Adult Fans of Lego), were disappointed as they realised they had to cancel their own show, previously scheduled for October. The Ely Brick Show in 2019 – the first show – raised over £1500 for the charity Ely Christians Against Poverty, and it seemed a shame that this year it would not go ahead. However, after seeing other Lego enthusiasts start virtual shows such as Brickworld Chicago, and participating in Bricks at Home, the duo decided to put their own show on online.
After starting off with Christmas themed Lego scenes and robot wars at the local school fair, the transition to organised Lego shows was quite big; luckily for them, they found the Lego community very welcoming and have formed many friendships. This made it easier to organise the Ely Virtual Brick Show, as they have lots of different Lego builders participating to be able to showcase a multitude of different Lego displays.
From Star Wars and Harry Potter to Great Ball Contraptions, there are a plethora of creative builds to view. Furthermore, you can also see displays such as medieval castles, watch a country western animation, view Disney Main Street, delight in the Lego City, Brick on Sea, and wonder at the intricately detailed buildings, as well as so many others, conjured from the imaginations of these talented creators.
Luckily, this should all be very easy to access, with it all being on a website (www.elybrickshow.co.uk), where you will also be able to find Lego traders selling Lego items such as customisable figures and jewellery.
Extras that add to the show also include an interview with finalists from the Channel 4 programme Lego masters, a Lego Kahoot quiz, Lego build competition and Lego workshops ranging from how to make Lego trees, to getting the texture right when making a Lego beach.
This show may be the perfect reprieve from the monotony of Lockdown, and can be for all the family! Maybe your children enjoy building Lego or would love to see a Lego version of the Burrow from Harry Potter, or Hoth Base from Star Wars? Or maybe you like Lego or models yourself? Starting the 5th of September, this show will run the whole month, with optional donations to Ely Christians Against Poverty Debt Centre, in this time where charities are missing out.

The event is finished.


05 Sep 2020


8:00 am - 8:00 pm


Your Own Home


Countess Free Church, Ely
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