Ely Women’s Circle

The first of Ely’s women circles. Come to meet and share with other women and be inspired, supported and empowered by each other. There will be a short guided meditation, and time to talk and listen in a safe and non judgemental space.

This will be a monthly group meeting in Ely for women to speak and listen to each other in a safe non judgemental space.

A sharing circle can be supportive, inspiring and empowering. Through offering each other our presence and kind attention, the circle creates the opportunity for our vulnerabilities and wisdom to be expressed, and for real community to be developed.

It is easy in our culture to relate to other women in a competitive way and to feel isolated. This is an opportunity to recognise our similarities and the struggles that we face, and support each other in our collective unfolding.

The space will be held by Louise and Hannah, but there will be opportunity to co-create what happens through suggesting themes or activities.

The group will meet in St Peters Rooms on Broad Street. A donation of £5 per person (or what you can afford) is asked to cover costs – any surplus funds will be used to donate to a charity of the groups choosing.

Please join our Facebook page:https://www.facebook.com/groups/893008261080568/

The event is finished.


06 Nov 2019


7:30 pm - 9:30 pm


St Peters Church, Broad Street, Ely
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