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We have decided to expand our foray into games nights at Julia’s and in January we shall be starting our new RPG nights. These nights will be exclusively for tabletop “pen and paper” style Role Playing Games (RPG) such as Dungeons & Dragons (as recently featured on Stranger Things and Web series Critical Role)

**Please don’t be put off if you don’t understand any part of the following or don’t know which game is for you, drop us a Facebook message and Dave is more than happy to help! **

Our first of the monthly evenings will be on the 14th of January and we will have four games available to join with a player limit of 6 for each game. All of our games are beginner friendly so you won’t need any previous knowledge of RPG’s at all. Below you can find descriptions of the games we will be running, some requiring a large measure of commitment and some of them being games you can start and finish in one night so read about the games carefully before booking your ticket (more on that after the games)


Game 1: Slave Ships of Absalom
System: Pathfinder
Games Master: Tom
Duration: approx 4 hours
Ticket link: All booked up, check out game 4 for our only available table

Blurb: The metropolis of Absalom promotes commerce in its many forms, and although slavery is legal, it is increasingly common for citizens to frown on the institution. The practice becomes more questionable when an ally of the Pathfinder Society traces an attempt at supernatural surveillance through a slave. Sent as independent sleuths, the players must track down the source of this espionage, which takes them deep into the underbelly of one of Absalom’s darkest industries.


Game 2: Acts of Association
System: Starfinder
Games Master: Joonas
Duration: approx 4 hours
Ticket link: All booled up check out game 4 for out only available game!

Blurb: One of the Society’s foremost diplomats is just about to sign a major deal with a visiting alien species. Before the documents can be finalized, the visiting dignitary requests a tour of the station. In order to preserve the Society’s negotiations and good standing with this species, the playerss must escort this dignitary across the station and avoid any diplomatic incidents.


Game 3: The Dragon of Icespire Peak
System: Dungeons & Dragons
Games Master: Mike
Duration: 12-16 months
Ticket link: All booked up! Check out the game below for more D&D

Blurb: The message is pinned to the wooden board on what looks to be slightly singed parchment:

“The small mining town of Phandalin, nestled in the foothills of the Sword Mountains, seeks hardy adventurers to help with some problems we’ve been experiencing of late.
A young white dragon has moved into the area nearby and has caused some upheaval.

Don’t worry – you probably won’t have to engage the dragon directly … probably. We just need you to warn some of the town’s outliers about the situation and see if there’s anything you can do to help them get back to town. This is paid work and there may be more to follow, depending on how you fare.

We very much doubt you’ll run into any of the creatures that have been displaced by the dragon, but we advise you to bring any gear you think you might need, just in case.

Phandalin can offer lodgings and food at very reasonable prices and several places to procure additional supplies as needed.

Adventurers who are available should report to Townmaster Harbin Wester, who is also the contact for payment once the tasks are completed.

No previous experience necessary.”


Game 4 The Harrying of Ta’Karth
System: Dungeons & Dragons
Games Master: James
Duration: Open Ended
Ticket link: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/87011605053

Blurb: The Kingdom of Ta’Karth is made up of a long stretch of largely barren, marshy and windswept coastline on the northernmost part of the continent of Grethteld, together with hundreds of small islands and numerous muddy flats which vanish with the tides.

Despite the Kingdom’s inhospitability, it once enjoyed great prosperity due to its two largest cities being members of the Terdallian Concord, a trading alliance between several coastal city states. Over the last forty years, however, it has suffered from ever-increasing incursions of monsters from across the Northern Ocean, commanded by unknown magical forces.

The peaceful denizens of Ta’Karth were unprepared for these merciless onslaughts, and much of the Kingdom now lies in ruin and ravaged by magic. With rumours of a full-blown invasion circulating, and the Royal Guard not always capable of maintaining law and order, some Ta’Karthians are starting to take the defence of the realm into their own hands…


Games 3&4 will require a session 0 before the 14th which will take about 2 hours, where your group will get together and create their characters and talk about what they want from the game before having a small introductory battle (probably against some rats in a basement of a pub).

Game spaces will be taken by selecting the above ticket link and taking one of the free tickets for the game, these are limited to 6 per game so please only take a ticket if you can definitely make the game. The online ticket is free but we will be asking for £3 on the night. There will be snacks and drinks available all night and hot food will be served at 8 o’clock for an additional £5.


13 Jan 2020


6:00 pm - 10:30 pm




Julia's Tearooms Ely
16/18 High Street, Ely, UK


Julia's Tearooms Ely


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