4th Group Dog Walk



I am excited to announce the 4th group walk!!!

Thank you so much for all the support and interest in the group walks that I have been organizing. It is so much fun to meet all of you and see your amazing doggies in such a relaxed setting.

For those that don’t know we walk from isle vets, Ely through into Little Downham where we stop and enjoy refreshments and then return back to our starting point. The walk itself takes about 2 hours and that includes half way refreshments.


I suggest that dogs remain on leads until we reach the open. I have marked on the map picture two different colour dots the blue is my suggested on lead and red is where they can go off lead. Please remember this walk has lots of different dogs of all shapes and sizes so please ensure your dog is ok with this before letting it off lead. When we stop for refreshments please can you all put your dog on leads as we wouldn’t want them eating all the bacon sandwiches or cake and we are using a very public area so again wish to remain as respectful as possible.


Lets face it on a walk like this we cant all see all our dogs all the time…if you notice a dog doing a poo and the owner isn’t within eye shot please do the right thing and bag it! If this is an issue for anyone there are several other people who will be happy to do this so just shout…remember when we walk as a pack we all represent one another and in order to keep a good reputation with locals and the community we MUST do the right thing. There is a bin at both ends of the walk.


**In order to get an accurate idea of numbers for catering purposes if you plan on attending the event can you please mark yourself as going and leave a comment with a +1 if you are bringing anyone along.**


**Our starting point of Isle vets has very limited parking and due to the success of the last walk I must make you aware parking will be limited. Once our spaces are full you will be directed to park out along the road further down. Cars are left entirely at owners risk.**


This event is a free event and is funded by myself so this time and after many, many inquiries I have decided I will put out a donations pot. This is absolutely NOT so I can profit from this event but ensures that my outlay is covered and that I don’t have to stop doing the refreshments if the walk continues too grow. From previous walks I get the sense that the refreshments are as much part of this social as the dog walk itself so would love to continue in the same fashion (with a bit of a twist by the time summer comes).

All that’s left to say is I hope many of you can make it and look forward to seeing you there!


31 Mar 2019


10:00 am - 12:00 pm


Isle Vet Group LTD - Small Animal
West fen rd


Catherine Adams Pet Services


10 °C
Wind: 26 KPH
Humidity: 1 %
Visibility: 10 KM
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