1094 Squadron Get Ready to Take Off

As part of the Air Cadet’s progressive training syllabus our cadets start learning about the principles of flight as soon as they join.

We teach our cadets the physics of why an Aircraft can fly and how a pilot controls an aircraft. The cadets can then attend one of the RAFAC Volunteer Gliding Squadrons where on Part Task Trainers (flight simulators) RAFAC Qualified flying instructors consolidate their classroom lessons with practical experience and expert tuition.

Cadets as young as 13 years and three months upwards then have the opportunity to put these lessons into practice in the Air and gain their blue wings badges with two separate badges for flying in RAF gliders and RAF basic training aircraft (powered aircraft).

Cadets can then build up their flying time in the air flying Royal Air Force training aircaft with RAFAC flying instructors that include currently serving RAF and Royal Navy fast jet pilots.

Bronze gliding wings and Bronze powered aircraft wings are the next step for cadets over 15.

When you are 16 and over you can apply for a silver wings gliding scholarships which lead to uoi flying gliders solo (on your own).

17 year olds can apply to join the ACPS Air Cadet Pilot Scheme and powered flying scholarships that can lead to a PPL – Private Pilots Licence – and this is all for free!

You don’t have to want to be a pilot to be an Air Cadet, you don’t have to be confident, enthusiastic, altruistic, self disciplined, motivated or adventurous…….. But you will be, because that’s what being an Air Cadet gives you.

There’s an Air Cadet Squadron near where you live recruiting for new cadets just like you and for adult volunteers.

Please click on the link below to find out more: https://www.raf.mod.uk/aircadets/want-to-join/

Press releasew from 1094 Ely Squadron Royal Air Force Air Cadets

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