Everything you need to know about Spotted in Ely

The Spotted in Ely™ Project began on August 13th 2013, really as a joke but very quickly became a community required household name in the East Cambs region.

We are not just any old notice board that can be found on Facebook. We have developed relationships with many groups, organisations and businesses. Developed a website to store as much data about everyday life in Ely and the surrounds and we continue to strive to grow, which now includes this brand new website.

Below, we will go through as many of the things we can and cannot offer but please be assured everything we are doing is to improve the community.

Spotted in Ely's Facebook Timeline

The Spotted in Ely Facebook Timeline is THE backbone to the project. We receive many messages every day via the page and email and so we have to maintain control of what we post. At the end of it all we want to focus on good news items and community issues. 

Ely people are amazing, although we have over 20,000 followers on the main timeline, we have only had to ban around 20 real people and some fake accounts. We run with one rule on the page: 



  • Submitted News Stories
  • Selected Amazing Photos
  • Live and Recorded Videos
  • Lost and Found
  • Travel Watches
  • New Vacancies
  • Major Local Events
  • Recommendations via the Business Directory
  • Selected Advertising


  • Free Advertising
  • Individual Legal Issues and Police Matters (unless requested by Police)
  • Potential Liable and Slander
  • Outside of the region information
  • Anonymously 

This is Ely / Ely Events

The events calendar we run is by far the biggest and busiest section of our project with plans to grow even bigger. The calendar averages around 70-80 listed PER WEEK.