About our Events Section

For several years, Spotted in Ely events has become the biggest collection of forthcoming events for Ely and has been run free, despite the enormous undertaking to keep up to date.

So for 2021 and starting forthwith, we are making a few changes.

Events that are free to enter and not for profit or are charity fundraisers (in their entirety) will remain free to list. To list your event go to our Facebook group once you have made your Facebook Event.

Events that are not free to enter or profit making will now be asked to donate a small fee to Spotted in Ely.

If your event is a one off the it will cost £10. If your event is a one-off but recurs many times then it will be £10 for the first date/time listed then £2 per event thereafter.

If you run many events over the course of a year, get in touch and we can make a discounted cost for you.

EXAMPLE: If your event has 10 dates/times, it will be £10 for the first plus £2 for the next 9, costing £28 total.

Payment can be made by invoice or credit card.

As always, we only accept Facebook events, this ensure that the data is extracted in the way that you have presented it and the onus is always on the event organiser to notify us of any changes.

We are sorry if this causes any issues for anyone but we need to cover our costs and time. If you any enquiries please email mark@spottedinely.com.


Facebook Events: https://www.facebook.com/events/
Our Facebook Events Group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/elyevents
Our Event Calendar: Events in Ely


There’s only TWO rules – READ them BEFORE you use this group.

1. Your post MUST be a ‘facebook event’ and publicly visible.

2. Your event must be created on your own page and NOT in ‘Spotted in Ely Events’

If your event is posted and takes place within 72 hours of posting then it WILL NOT appear on the website due to time constraints. It is always best to post events as soon as you decide to host one for maximum publicity. 

Also, if you change any details of the event, such as date, time or location please tell us!!! If you do not tell us then we cannot be help responsible for such changes NOT appearing on the website.

If you need help creating events or making them visible see: https://www.facebook.com/help/210413455658361?helpref=search&sr=1&query=%20creating%20events

‘Facebook Events’ allows users to manage their events, get reminders etc and you get to see who’s coming and post specific event information. It’s simple to do so please do it.

Users will be banned for:- continually not following Rule 1 or 2.

That’s the rules – please follow them.

We are here to help and promote but with the amount of events we cover we need you to help keep all information up to date. Promotion wise, send us a press release before and after your event and you can do this by emailing: pr@spottedinely.com, try to always include a photo as this gives a bigger exposure.
All events should be current  – we delete events from this group as the event date passes to keep all events current and only Facebook Events will be posted and NOTHING ELSE! Please check our website www.spottedinely.com as we may already have your event listed. 
Any questions please contact a member of Admin or Message ‘This is Ely’ Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/ThisIsEly/Thank you for reading.