1st Littleport Scout Fundraiser

The Littleport 1st Scouts were outside the Co-Op on Main Street on Saturday, to raise much needed funds for the group.

Scout leader, Julie explained that earlier this year The Co-Op made the Scouts one of three local groups which they are assisting with fund raising.

The stand was also an opportunity for locals to find out a bit more about the local clubs, through a very informative information board and to enquire about how to join up.

Julie was joined by leaders, Chris and Claire. Several scouts, including Ralph and Dennyson.

Accompanying Claire was her delightful, disabled assistance dog, Niamh.

Niamh certainly looked the part, as she was wearing the scouting scarf (necker).

Customers were able to buy tickets for either a hamper or cash prize squares.

Running alongside, was a toy and a cake stall which Co-Op staff had helped with.

The scouting movement is a fun way to socialise and to learn new skills, which sometimes includes summer camps.

As well as finding out more about the area where you live and other local charities.

It is open to both boys and girls.

The Beavers are a group from 6 – 8 yrs

Cubs takes children from 8 – 10/5 yrs

Scouts from 10/5 – 14

Then members can move onto

The Explorers 14 – 18 yrs

And the Scout Network 18 – 25yrs

Further details can be made through the groups Facebook page or enquiries can be made by emailing Julie and the gang at: Info@1stlittleportscoutgroup.org.uk

Well done all!

Maria x

#livelovelittleport #Thescoutassociation

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