A Brand New Family Theatre Show: The River Runner

A brand new family theatre show telling the thrilling tale of Annabelle Howgego, a Victorian fen ice skater who uses her extraordinary skating skill to defeat her cruel landlord and set her village free. Join Glimmer Theatre for a brand new story with ice skating, magic and adventure brought to life with stirring live music and beautiful imagery. 

It’s 1901 in Isleham village, Cambridgeshire, and Annabelle Howgego is the best ice skater for miles around. Once a year the watery fens freeze smooth and white and the villagers prepare to race each other for prizes of bread and meat.

With metal skates strapped to her boots, Annabelle casts off her dull life as a scullery maid and becomes a champion skater, flying at wild speeds over the frozen fens. But this year, in the midst of Annabelle’s race to glory, something rises up from the frozen river and sends the village into chaos. It’s down to Annabelle to save her village and solve the mystery of what lurks beneath the ice.

Sunday 16th February, at The Maltings, Ely Cinema  £7 per ticket. £25 for families of four.

1 hour duration, no interval. Suitable for all ages 7+  
There will be some flashing lights as part of the performance.

Press release from Babylon ARTS

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