A Community that Cares

This article is a difficult one for me, more personal than I would usually choose….or indeed even like. But I hope you will understand, the importance of this and for me to come out of my comfort zone (& front door).

This week I had planned as usual to go out into the community.  To be in Littleport, at the heart, a place which I love and have loved since my family and I moved here eight years ago.

To eagerly gather details from the community for this weeks feel good, happy article. A task, which has now become an honour, a pleasure, something which I cherish and love to do.

To promote everything good. To provide a spotlight, for the local volunteers, unsung hero’s, schools, community groups and amazing stories here in Littleport.

But…. I have felt unable to leave my home due to a violent incident which occurred a few nights back. Directly outside of my home. A set of circumstances that my family and I found ourselves unwittingly caught up in. Through no fault of our own. The details of the incident cannot and need not be detailed.
Overnight, I had lost my happy mojo. I was deeply concerned, that I was now not able, maybe never able again, to provide a community story. Due to not feeling able to go out of my own front door.

Just at the exact moment, when I was seriously starting to wonder as to what I should do….amazingly the feel good community story came to me instead!

The series of events started to brighten. Indeed, It tapped so loudly at my door, demanding to come in. I tried to shrug it off and to refuse it passage.  But it was full of light, hope, love, offers of assistance: shopping, lifts, a comforting ear, coffee and cake. A shoulder to cry on, if one was needed.  From so many, by so many.
The community had heard, from my immediate friends of our dark day and had come out in force. United and full of resolve.

Full of strength and love uniting as one, to collectively bring the smile back to mine and my families faces. Some of these messages were from strangers, who wanted us to know that they were there and that they truly cared.

I know that a very small number of individuals have chosen to be in the dark shadows.  Choosing to take a different life for themselves. Trying to make themselves outsiders and too often blame others or circumstances on their life’s direction.

To those, well you know what? Life is what you make of it.

You are the destiny of your own creation and only YOU hold the key.

It doesn’t matter whether it is charitable support services, defendant support services, the police, teachers, social services or anybody else for that matter. No other persons are responsible for you, or can ultimately make how you live.  Make your daily life style choices or what happens, for you.

Taking responsibility of life’s pathway is like holding a computer games console, a key to the door, driving a car, paddling a boat, or whatever. You alone, choose how to live your life, what you choose to do with it and what type of contact you have with people.

This community welcomes all.  It truly does.
The more you dip your toes in the more you feel the warmth and the less you feel like an outsider.

Yes it takes guts, courage and a bit of will power, but the rewards shine brightly and you never know, you may just end up liking it.
But if you never choose to, you will never know.
Do you really want to miss out?

Somebody once said to me:
“But there is no way back?”
There is.  All you need to do is dip your toes….

A community who cares.  Is a community which is valued.

Maria x


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