A small cadet with a very big task

Cadet Harry Talbott was just one of twenty four cadets and staff from Ely Squadron who joined other Squadrons from all around Bedfordshire and Cambridgeshire Wing helping to run the Duxford Air Show on Saturday. When Harry was asked to look after this beautiful Douglas DC3 he jumped at the chance.

Cadets and staff from Ely, Haverhill, Newmarket, and Sawston Squadrons were assisting at Duxford Airshow directing visitors parking their cars when Imperial War Museum staff asked the Air Cadets for a little extra help parking their DC3.

The aircraft had just been towed from the runway to be displayed in front of one of the hangars but the ropes to surround it were at the other end of the airfield.

Whilst Duxford is all about getting up close to the stationary aircraft exhibits, some aircraft which may fly later in the day have a no touch rule.

Whilst waiting for the rope line to arrive, Harry and some of the other cadets didn’t have a very difficult job protecting the DC3 though as the public were very polite and cooperative and just as impressed and respectful towards this beautiful aircraft as the cadets were.

After all the Airshow visitor’s cars had arrived and the gates were closed, the cadets had the rest of the day to enjoy the wonderful flying displays and all the fascinating exhibits and Aircraft that Duxford has to offer.

Another two dozen cadets from Ely will be back at Duxford today to do it all again for Sunday’s Airshow and a thrilling finale of a flypast of nineteen Spitfires.

From 1094 Ely Squadron Royal Air Force Air Cadets

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