A to Z of Cake – Who doesn't like cake?

Every June, Independent Phoenix Traders across the country raise money for the fabulous charity Together for Short lives, formerly Children’s Hospices. Many traders host Butterfly Tea Parties – my own party is at my Ely house on Friday 19th June from 11am to 9pm. Phoenix Trading releases a set of products especially designed for the BTPs and a donation is made to the charity for every one of these products ordered during June.
This year, inspired by a brand new giftwrap, A to Z of Cakes, designed for Phoenix Trading by the talented illustrator Amanda Loverseed, I thought I’d do something else as well as my BTP. Eighteen amateur bakers from across Cambridgeshire have volunteered to bake the cakes illustrated on the giftwrap, but re-created in their own individual styles. Cakes include Princess Cake, Chocolate Cake, Red Velvet Cake, Naughty Cakes and a Victoria Sponge. A Facebook event has been created for the cake auction and bidding closes on a different cake each weekday in June. The bakers will take photos of their finished cakes so we will be able to see how their efforts compare with the original illustrations! All money raised from the auction will go directly to Together for Short Lives.
Cakes for JuneThe cakes available are:
Mon 1 – Angel Food Cake
Tue 2 – Tea Time Treat cupcakes
Wed 3 – Princess Cake
Thu 4 – Dundee Cake
Fri 5 – Fruit Cake

Mon 8 – Chocolate Cake
Tue 9 – Sachertorte
Wed 10 – Red Velvet Cake
Thu 11 – Iced Fancies
Fri 12 – Zebra Cake
Mon 15 – Upside Down Cake
Tue 16 – Wedding Cake
Wed 17 – Birthday Cake
Thu 18 – Naughty Cakes
Fri 19 – Easter Cake
Fri 19 – Hummingbird Cake
Fri 19 – Xmas Cake
Fri 19 – Ginger Cake
Fri 19 – Victoria Sponge Cake
Mon 22 – Kugelhopf
Tue 23 – Layer Cake
Wed 24 – Queen Cakes
Thu 25 – Jelly Roll
Fri 26 – Opera Cake
Mon 29 – Yule Log
Tue 30 – Meringue Cake
To bid on any cake go to https://www.facebook.com/events/1617798691799143/ and find the cake you like and bid by commenting.

For more information about my Butterfly Tea party or the Cake Auctions see Alice’s Facebook page (www.facebook.com/aliceskingcards) or email at phoenix-king@hotmail.co.uk.

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