Advertise with Spotted in Ely

Spotted in Ely is run by a group of enthusiastic people who just want to improve Ely on a personal and business level.
The cost of running the page and now the website is already causing us to seek out advertisers to help assist with the cost.
We offer what we consider reasonable rates for your company. We currently only advertise through our Facebook Page but have several options for you to consider.
1) Special Offer Listing:
If your company is currently offering a discount for a product or selection of products then we can through the Facebook Offer+ scheme, this will increase your chance of getting visitors through to your page or cart. Your post is pinned to the top of Spotted in Ely page for 24 hours and then boosted to ensure the number of viewers of the post. With boosting, the post will appear in timelines of people who live within 25km of Ely even if they are not followers of Spotted in Ely. To get a guaranteed 4,000 views the cost is £99 and for 7,500 views just £159. Furthermore, offers stay live on the page until the expiry date.
2) Conventional Advert:
You may just wish to have a conventional advert on Spotted in Ely so as above we add the link you want (either Facebook page or website) but not pinned and then boosted for maximum coverage. Our guarantee of viewer amounts for your advert is secure however we cannot guarantee the push through rate. To get a guaranteed 4,000 views the cost is £79 and for 7,500 views just £129.
3) Vacancy Promotion
You can advertise your vacancy on Spotted in Ely – Jobs for free but you can promote your post on to the main page for £40. Boosted posts with guarantees are classed as “Conventional Adverts”
Other forms of advertising available
You may also wish to have an “advertorial”. An advert in the form of an editorial. Price vary on this depending on content and time taken but we send our “Content Creative Manager” to spend time with you and work on this.
Other options can include your own hosted blog on Spotted in Ely and enhanced listings in our Business Section which is currently being created.
For more information do not hesitate to call us on 01353468123 or email
Payment for all adverts is done by invoice and must be prepaid before appearing live.
Jo-Beth from PositivEly Treated
The advert with Spotted in Ely has been brilliant for us. We have loved welcoming new clients and spoiling existing ones thanks to the exposure provided in a welcoming and helpful environment celebrating our local area. If you’re thinking of using this to help your small business go for it, Mark couldn’t have been more helpful and we had 15 enquiries within 24 hours and business is booming

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