From amateurs to exhibitors: 'Ely Through the Lens’ shows off students’ photography

From amateurs to exhibitors: 'Ely Through the Lens’ shows off students’ photography

Ely with a twist is the theme behind a new photography exhibition that opened this week.

Called ‘Ely Through the Lens’, it features stunning photography, with profits from the sale of prints going to East Anglia Children Hospices (EACH).

The other twist is that all those taking part were complete novices just 10 weeks ago!

Local photographer Emily Paxton, who teaches Photography to adults at Ely College, said the display was proof of “the many hours of hard work, in all weathers, dedicated to capturing Ely as an interesting, unique and alternative city.”
All those exhibiting started their course as absolute beginners in September.

In the space of just 10 weeks, the students have moved from using automatic modes on their cameras to mastering manual photography.
“This has given the students a greater sense of creativity, confidence and control when using their cameras.
“The group have specifically learned how to control depth of field, capture movement and master the art of night photography.”

The course culminated in a major challenge: to create an online portfolio on Flickr and create an exhibition.
‘Ely Through the Lens’ will run until Christmas Eve at the former magic shop on 21 Market Street, Ely, mostly during weekends.
Prints are for sale at £20 to £25 and all profits will go to EACH.

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