Amazing Mr Cockerton!

The Shade Pupils have fun in their new playhouse.
The Shade Pupils have fun in their new playhouse.

The Shade school are lucky in many ways. Firstly they have a brand new, shiny school, lots of lovely bright children and some fantastic staff. But one of the members of staff is very special indeed. Mr Cockerton is The Shade’s Caretaker and he goes above and beyond for the school on a regular basis. I recently had the pleasure of visiting him and seeing some of the beautiful items he has made for the children’s play area.
When Miss Gregory was looking for some new equipment before the summer holidays she was shocked to see how much the wooden make-believe pieces were. After taking a look at the play equipment, Mr Cockerton asked if he could spend some time over the summer making up his own versions. What he has produced it quite astonishing and the children were loving their new play equipment when I visited them last week.
As well as carrying out all of his other duties Mr Cockerton obtained some wood from a local wood reclamation firm and made a beautiful chair for a story-time area, a spacious play house, a perfect platform and seats for an outdoor theatre and a swashbuckling pirate ship for imaginary sea adventures!
Miss Gregory and all the pupils at The Shade Primary school want to say a very big and public THANK YOU to Mr Cockerton for all his hard work!
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