Anyone missing a leg or front door?

A prosthetic leg, a stethoscope and a front door are among some of the more unusual items left on Greater Anglia trains over the past few months.

Other belongings left behind include enough musical instruments to form a band, a very valuable painting, sleeping bags and pushchairs.

The rail operator is now reminding passengers to check they have everything before leaving the train.
Customer service director Andrew Goodrum said: “Our teams work hard to reunite people with their items of lost property.
“However, we always encourage people to take a good look around when leaving the train, to make sure they have all of their belongings.
“I am pleased that our colleagues have recently reunited owners with their musical instruments, as these are often very sentimental.”
Items most commonly left on trains include wallets, tickets and railcards, glasses, phones, tablets, laptops, bags, jewellery, clothes, school work, umbrellas, bikes and sports equipment.
Belongings found within 24 hours of being reported lost are free to return.
However, Greater Anglia charges customers if they wish to have items returned after that time. The charge depends on the item lost.
For more details click here.

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