Are You Up For A Challenge?

Local Personal Trainer & Business Owner Joe Ison Launches a 21 Day Health & Happiness Facebook Group Challenge

Joe Ison, owner of Joe Ison Personal Training, is launching a Free Fitness coaching challenge which is starting on Monday 20th April.

The Facebook Group is for adults who want something to do whilst being at home to boost their health, happiness and sanity.

The 21 Day challenge will have easy to follow challenges, such as daily activities, basic workouts requiring zero or minimal equipment, mindset tips, live Q&A’s, nutrition advice, as well as a steady stream of delicious recipes to help get you through this challenging time.⁣

Joe says, “I’ve created this group so that men and women can all come out the other end of this fitter, stronger and healthier than ever!”

Every day there will be a challenge that can be done in the comfort of your own home or garden. The aim is self improvement to help keep you positive.

There’s no better way to boost positivity than bringing a like minded group of individuals together inside an online community.

The group is starting this Monday so if you’d like a challenge and want to keep on top of your physical and mental health, simply follow Joe’s page and click the link below.

Link to The 21 Day Health & Happiness Facebook Group:

Link to Joe Ison – Personal Training Group:

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