Attention! New Officer in Charge at 1094 Squadron

It was all change at Ely Squadron this week when Warrant Officer Robelou RAFAC handed over command to Flying Officer Donoghue RAFAC.

The Warrant Officer has been the Officer In Charge of 1094 for over a year and the cadets were over the moon to hear the news that she will remain at Ely as the Squadron Warrant Officer.

Flying Officer Donoghue said: “We all owe Tabs a huge debt of thanks for stepping in to take the reigns as the Squadron OIC last year.”

“Over the past year the Warrant Officer and I have been working closely together to develop both the Cadet NCO and adult staff teams. We’ve always had a very strong staff team of Civilian Instructors at Ely but we felt it vital to increase the number of staff in uniform and that included myself.”

“We’ve just recruited a second RAF service instructor and we currently have four staff who have now committed to taking on the challenge of becoming Adult Sergeants, plus we have two cadets ageing out and becoming CI’s who have future ambitions to return to uniform as adult staff.“

“I’m very proud of the spirit we have fostered here at 1094 and the successes and achievements this has led to for our cadets. We now have a very active unit that is well supported by parents and our Civilian Committee and all this bodes well for the future”

As our Squadron’s motto says “Venture Forwards” 1094

From 1094 Ely Squadron Royal Air Force Air Cadets

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