Awards at Ely Squadron with three sets of blue ATP wings for Cadets

Awards and smiles all round tonight at Ely Squadron with three sets of blue ATP wings for Cadets Ethan Saggers, Cameron Hudson and Finn Elcombe for passing the first phase of their Aviation Training.

The cadets completed their basic Airmanship training and then moved on to the Part Task Trainer simulator course at 614 Volunteer Gliding Squadron.

In order to qualify for their wings they also had to complete a “flying lesson” in an RAF Grob Tutor Training Aircraft where they were given control of the Aircraft by the instructing RAF Pilot.

The cadets had to demonstrate thier understanding of how to control the aircraft. Having mastered the basics the cadets now look forward to further in flight instruction opportunities as they work towards thier Bronze ATP Wings.

Also this evening we presented Cadet Lewis Brazier with his first class cadet classification certificate for passing his basic training.

Well done all 👍

If you would like to join Lewis and his Air Cadet friends then simply click on the link below and come to our open evening for new recruits on Wednesday 3rd October at The Air Cadet Centre, Heaton Drive, Ely CB6 4RS (Behind Ely Hospital)

From 1094 City of Ely Squadron Air Cadets

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