Ban on the Release of Sky Lanterns and Helium Balloons

Following a motion passed at a Full Council meeting on 16th July, East Cambridgeshire District Council has banned the release of helium filled balloons and sky lanterns from Council-owned land.

The motion, which was passed unanimously, aims to protect the environment and wildlife from litter and other potential problems caused by helium balloons and sky lanterns.

An estimated 200,000 sky lanterns are released every year in the UK with an increasing number of incidents relating to this including fires and animal deaths.

Cllr Alan Sharp, who proposed the motion, said: “After hearing about the damage that the release of helium balloons and sky lanterns could do, I felt compelled to bring this motion to Council”

“East Cambridgeshire is a rural area with many farm animals as well as a wide and diverse mix of wildlife which we want to protect.

“By passing this motion, the Council has committed to another way of safeguarding our beautiful district from the dangers that helium balloons and sky lanterns present.”

The motion also resolved to encourage other organisations to take part and pledge their support to the cause.

Cllr David Ambrose-Smith, Chairman of the Operational Services Committee, said: “I am delighted that East Cambridgeshire District Council has taken this action and I would urge organisations to get on board and show their support too.

“Signing up for the charter is quick, simple and can be done via the East Cambridgeshire District Council website. All you need to do is fill in the short form and show your commitment to the cause.

You can sign up for the charter by making your pledge on the Council website:

Press release from East Cambridgeshire District Council

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