Barcode Campaign

One of our amazing Ely First Responders, Claire Taylor has bravely taken part in making a video for Bracode, a Breast Cancer awareness campaign launched by Addenbrookes Charity Trust.

One size bra won’t fit ten different women. So why should one cancer treatment?

We want to make breast cancer treatment more targeted, more effective and less wasteful.

Through some brilliant thinking and tireless research, the specialists at Addenbrooke’s have helped identify ten different types of breast cancer tumour, which are related to the DNA profiles of patients. This very significant breakthrough means that we could potentially tailor an individual’s treatment so that it accurately targets their particular variant of the disease. This would avoid wasting precious time and resources on a one-size-fits-all approach. We could cut straight to the chase and immediately give patients the therapies that will work best for them.
However, to reach this point we need to conduct a five-year intensive research programme on volunteer patients (the personalised breast cancer programme). It will cost £5,000 to sequence, assess and monitor each patient in the study. We’re hoping that you will be able to mirror the commitment of the patients who volunteer to take part by supporting us in this vital work.
Can you help us today?

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