A Beautiful Day for a BBQ

BBQ 2016 Enid and 2 JohnsWith such terrible wintry weather for most of last week, it seemed improbable that the annual Ely Rotary Club barbecue would not be too pleasant. But summer turned up on Sunday, giving an absolutely perfect day for fifty members and guests attending at the beautiful garden of Enid and John Bedford at Witchford.
Everything made for a perfect setting, enhanced by the red and white chairs recently kindly donated to the Club by the St. Christopher Church at Red Lodge, and with the extensive grass lawn surrounded by beautiful flowers.
This has become an annual event for the enjoyment of members of any Rotary Club, and several members attended from Ely Hereward Rotary Club.
For information on how to become a Rotary Club member, please consult the website at elyrotary.co.uk, or the membership secretary at oricopp@talktalk.net.
Our photo shows the bouquet presented to Enid Bedford, with John Bedford holding it, and President John Dennick.

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