Beavers Camp Out At Copley

Last week Ely District Beavers attended an activity weekend at Copley near St. Ives; a well-served Scouting facility where members have use of a four acre wooded site complete with HQ building, toilets, showers, and ready-prepared camping and cooking areas.
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Young members from all around Ely District joined together to enjoy a range of activities including crafts, archery and ‘backwoods’ cooking. For many it was their first time under canvas.
Parents praised the event with Annabel Line, mum of William from 3rd Ely, saying “He had a brilliant time! Thank you all for giving them such a good weekend”.
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But they weren’t the only ones having fun. Leaders arrived a night early to set up camp, catch up with friends, and settle in. After a night to themselves, the adults were happy to share their skills with the Beavers and enjoyed the weekend’s activities as much as their young members.
There are a number of Scouting vacancies across Ely District including admin, general support, and leadership. For more information, visit or search on Facebook. The Scouts will be having fun at Ely’s upcoming Aquafest too – why not chat to one of the Leaders about how you can help?
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