Bishop calls for healing and hope after EU poll

Bishop StephenThe Bishop of Ely, the Rt Revd Stephen Conway, has made the following statement following the announcement of the result of the EU referendum: “There is no fear in love, but perfect love casts out fear…”
These are words from the Bible written by John, a friend of Jesus. I have been reflecting on these words as the result of the Referendum begins to sink in.
I have been praying for all our neighbours whose origins are elsewhere in the EU and who may be very fearful today about what the future may bring.
Many who expected a different result – like myself – are fearful of the unforeseen consequences of our decision. Markets and currencies are re-adjusting as are we as citizens, waking up to a future outside the European Union.
I often say to teachers and head teachers that we grow through learning and loving, not through blaming. John is right that love is the answer to fear and division. In our individual lives we often face a future that we had not planned. The quality of our courage and resilience is revealed not by moaning or blaming other people, but by our generosity and capacity to hope.
We woke up this morning still human beings in relationship with each other, still citizens with obligations to one another in communities. We are still subjects of our Sovereign, Queen Elizabeth, who is a reminder to us of the power of steadfastness in service through many changes and challenges.

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