Boot camp for kids kicks off in Ely

Think boot camps are just for adults? Think again.
A new class has just started in Ely, aimed at boosting children’s confidence and improving fitness and flexibility.
Personal trainer Dawn Lamb launched the Active boot camp last week, aimed at school aged children, after seeing the success of her adult fitness classes.
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Mum to Ellis, 11, Cameron, 10, Kieran, eight and Matilda, six, Dawn said it was important to keep kids active in a fun, engaging way.
“As a mother of four myself, I am well aware how difficult it can be to keep kids from wasting hours and hours in front of televisions, consoles and tablets.
“I have been running adult boot camps in Ely and am pleased to say that, as well as all the benefits that come from attending fitness classes, we also manage to have a real laugh.
“I thought that the ability to have fun whilst training would be just the thing the kids would need to engage them and maintain interest and therefore keep them coming regularly.”
The Ely mum said the Active camp had received an enthusiastic response from parents.
“I have had enquiries from parents who think kids’ boot camp sounds like great fun as well as from parents who are concerned about their children’s weight, so we have seen a mixture of shapes, sizes and abilities.
“I always try to make fitness interesting, by constantly varying the class content, and fun, by giving positive encouragement and, hopefully, having a laugh at the same time.
“Exercise needs to be hard work in order to get any results, so it can be all too easy for people not to bother. My aim is to take people’s minds off the hard work, so they enjoy being active as much as possible.”
Some youngsters who already play sports use the Active camp as a way of improving their stamina.
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The hour long sessions are aimed at children aimed between five and 16. After a short warm up, participants do an intense workout that combines strength, flexibility, motor skills and agility.
The class currently has two instructors teaching each session and can cater for 30 children. If there is increased demand Dawn says she will boost the number of instructors or put on more classes. She is hoping to cater for children with additional needs in the future.
Active takes place every Tuesday and Thursday from 4.45pm to 5.45pm. Anyone interested in attending can do a taster session first.
Sessions cost £5 and are pay as you go. People can also subscribe to get cheaper rates: £28 per month for two sessions per week or £16 per month for one weekly session.
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