Bubbles is back to say hi!

imageHey there, how are you all? I’ve had quite an exciting couple of weeks. I went to the vets for my vaccinations (yuck!)but I was a very good girl. I walked all the way there in the daylight! It was a bit scary but I had my owner right by my side the whole way so that made me feel safe. The vets were really nice and made sure I didnt have to wait with any other dogs around and I even got a treat on the way out!
I have been walking a bit more in the light now, only short walks and definitely not anywhere where dogs are likely to be off their leads. I realy miss my riverside walks though, its such a shame that I am being punished just because people want to let their dogs off to have a run around and dont want to put them back on their leads just to let me pass safely. I have been getting lots of messages from other Yellow Dogs which helps me a bit as at least I know i’m not the only one out there who feels this way.
My Yellow Dog friend Smeagal had a nasty fright the other day when he was out on his walk. He was wearing his Yellow bow and special “nervous” harness so that other people knew he was a frightened dog but still, someone let their dog run right up to him and frighten him. His owner had to pick him up out of the way just to make him feel safe and then the owners of the other dog shouted at Smeagals owner and blamed her for not training him! This is what I would like to ask you all to think about….
If we were humans that had been mugged and were scared of going out and being around people, would we be blamed and treated this way? Or would we be given the time and space to recover and get used to being around people again? Just because we have four legs and a tail does this make us monsters or mean our owners are to blame when we get upset? Yellow dogs are around but people need to pay attention, read the message on the jacket or harness, look for the yellow bow, and know that the signs are there to help them as much as us?
Please everyone, help spread the Yellow Dog word. Facebook our pictures and share them with your friends, let everyone know what the Yellow Bow is for. The more people know and understand what the Yellow Dog scheme is, the safer dogs like me and Smeagal will feel and the happier our owners will be too. We deserve to walk in the open as much as any other dog and don’t deserve to be punished because we are scared.
By for now, and don’t forget TELL EVERYONE ABOUT YELLOW DOGS

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