Bubbles signing in

DSCF0376Hi. I’m Bubbles and I’m a Yellow Dog.  its a bit like saying “my names Bubbles and I’m an alcoholic”  I’m frightened of other dogs you see and I have a snazzy yellow jacket that says “I NEED SPACE”  Many of you have already seen my picture in my yellow jacket and thank you all for your lovely comments and support.
Thursday I managed my first proper walk since my bad experience.  My owner took me in to Ely with my doggy companion Tinca. We went in late so that I didn’t meet too many people, the world is a very scary place still.  I wore my Yellow Jacket which helped me feel a bit safer and my owner talked to me the whole time (I think people must think she’s a bit crazy, talking to herself, but hearing her voice really helps).
Yesterday we went out for a short walk in daylight and we came across a lady walking her 2 dogs but I got a bit scared.  My owner waited and the other lady crossed the road giving me the space I needed, I’m not sure if it was the yellow jacket that she saw but I didn’t get too upset and bark or try to break away as she kept her dogs at a distance so if you were that lady, thank you.  I don’t think I’m really ready for the daytime walks yet though because I couldn’t settle last night when we got home, maybe a few more late night walks will be best for now.
I know my owner is missing her walks by the river with me and Tinca but she’s patient enough to give me the time I need.
When I get a bit better, I would love to see some more Yellow dogs (from a distance of course) then I wont feel so alone, so if you’re a Yellow Dog, wear your jacket, bandana or ribbon with pride and don’t be scared, if your owner really loves you they will protect you x

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