Car park closed to deter boy racers, opinions divided

An Ely car park will be closed tomorrow night in an unusual step to prevent boy (and girl) racers from congregating there, following complaints from local residents.
Yesterday East Cambridgeshire District Council announced that Angel Drove Car Park would be closed from 7pm on Saturday, September 10, until 7am the following day, apologising for “any inconvenience”.
Police are warning those attending the East Cambs Modified End of Summer Meet to stay away, adding that they had received former complaints of antisocial behaviour.
On its Facebook page, Policing East Cambridgeshire said the Angel Drove Car Park would be closed “to prevent a modified car meet taking place there”.
They added that a dispersal order will be in force throughout that period.
pic-2-blurredAccording to East Cambs Modified’s Facebook event, 265 people had said they were going, while 663 had expressed an interest.
East Cambs Modified’s Facebook page has almost 1400 members, some of whom regularly post pictures of their exploits across the region.
pic-1Numerous people have commented below the police Facebook post, with many opposing the controversial decision to close the car park on Saturday night, arguing that those taking part in the meet up were doing nothing wrong.
Cameron said: “You do know there is millions of car Parks shutting one won’t help I’m sure a load of cars(peoples pride and joy) would be much safer in a car park then on the roads which is basically where your forcing us onto. Police policy 0 out of 10 for public safety. Good job lads”
Laura said: “Great so now they will just meet in the streets and cause actual anti social behaviour! They don’t harm anyone on that car park normally other than them nobody uses it in the evenings. Theyve now been forced to use car parks that people do use or that are in residential areas! Such a stupid negative approach from police. I dont see how the noise they make is any worse than any car parking in any car parks tescos makes more noise than them!!”
James wrote: “I support the Police and what they do for us, but even I think this one is a little absurd. Better a controlled environment for these enthusiasts than the streets. Police it guys, don’t just close the car park and ignore it. They will meet regardless.”
And Steve said: “I understand it is procedure to follow up on complaints but this is not the right way to go about it, Ely is home to a great deals of car enthusiasts and this should be recognised, in most other towns and cities the police attend and make sure no stupidity takes place but for most of the people there it’s about appreciation of cars not messing about.”
However, Jacky supports the decision, commenting: “It is noisy. People do live nearby and the screeching of brake and aggressive acceleration is very annoying. It is also dangerous. I certainly would not want to be anywhere near these activities. At a loss to understand why the Police are not taking a more proactive approach. A few arrests and/or confiscation of vehicles may focus the minds of these antisocial idiots, but that’s too much to hope for.”

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