Cash Machine Raided at Ely Station

Overnight, thieves have been at Ely Station and raided the cash machine. We have no information as to whether they were successful in getting the safe part of the machine
Looking at the photograph sent to us by Suzanne, it would appear they went in through the top half of the machine as the screen appears to be missing.
Police are currently investigating and no information has been released.
If you have any information as always call 101.
Police have cordoned half of the reception area at the Station which will cause disruption this morning, so please allow extra journey time.
***** UPDATE AT 09:45 *****
A source at the BBC has told Spotted in Ely that the Police were called at 5am to the Station to attend to an open ATM. Would appear the criminals tried to weld the machine open. It is believed no money was taken (although yet to be confirmed)

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