Changes to Waste Collections this Festive Season

East Cambridgeshire District Council’s trading company, East Cambs Street Scene (ECSS), will be changing collection days on a temporary basis this Christmas.

Some residents will have their waste collected earlier than scheduled while others will have their collection dates pushed back.

The first earlier services will commence on Saturday, December 19th, instead of Monday, December 21st.

Councillor David Ambrose Smith, chairman of the operational services committee, said: “East Cambs Street Scene do a fantastic job at collecting waste from across the district and we are incredibly grateful for the work they carry out.

“While it is really important for us to ensure that all waste collections are undertaken, it is also vital that we fit this around Christmas Day and Boxing Day and these changes to collection days will allow ECSS to maintain their level of service and enjoy Christmas too.”

When will services be carried out?

Normal collection date Monday, December 21 – collection on Saturday, December 19

Normal collection date Tuesday, December 22 – collection on Monday, December 21

Normal collection date Wednesday, December 23 – collection on Tuesday, December 22

Normal collection date Thursday, December 24 – collection on Wednesday, December 23

Normal collection date Friday, December 25 – collection on Thursday, December 24

Normal collection date Monday, December 28 – collection on Tuesday, December 29

Normal collection date Tuesday, December 29 – collection on Wednesday, December 30

Normal collection date Wednesday, December 30 –collection on Thursday, December 31

Normal collection date Thursday, December 31 – collection on Saturday, January 2

Normal collection date Friday, January 1 – collection on Monday, January 4

Normal collection date Monday, January 4 – collection on Tuesday, January 5

Normal collection date Tuesday, January 5 – collection on Wednesday, January 6

Normal collection date Wednesday, January 6 – collection on Thursday, January 7

Normal collection date Thursday, January 7 – collection on Friday, January 8

Normal collection date Friday, January 8 – collection on Saturday, January 9

Bin collections will return to their regular schedule on Monday, January 11.

Councillor Julia Huffer, ECDC’s waste champion, said: “I would like to take this opportunity to thank residents for their continued effort in waste reduction and encourage them to recycle as much as they can this Christmas and New Year. 

“Cardboard and hard plastic packaging from toys and cards can be recycled and food waste can be placed into green bin for composting. 

“To minimise food waste, we are encouraging our residents not to over-shop this festive season and buy only what you need.”

Food waste, both cooked and uncooked, can be placed in green bins. It should be wrapped in newspaper or a paper bag to prevent it from sticking to the inside of the bin.

Embellished or sparkly wrapping paper cannot be recycled and including them in blue bins could potentially contaminate the whole truck’s load.

Plastic containers, tins and bottles should all be washed out before being placed into blue bins for recycling.

East Cambs Street Scene will also be collecting real Christmas trees on green bin collection throughout the whole of January. If the tree is taller than the bin, it should be cut into pieces no higher than the bin and placed next to the green bin.

Bins and black sacks must be outside residents’ properties by 7am on the day of collection and not before 6pm the day before.

Residents can find details of their bin dates using the ‘Find your collection day’ tool on  East Cambridgeshire District Council’s website

Press release from East Cambridgeshire District Council

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