The Choir where you don't have to be a singer pops up!!

Pop up Choir PosterThe Ely pop-up Gospel Choir will have its very first rehearsal next Thursday, 14th January (please see full details below).
The choir is designed to give people who love to sing but maybe haven’t found their voice the opportunity to sing in a supportive and what will undoubtedly be a sociable setting.
Lisa Olsworth-Peter, formally the musical director for the West End Gospel Choir, will be providing techniques and little tricks to help unlock potential and build confidence using incredible gospel music.
We will be working towards a concert in May where we will be joined by a professional band and singers from London’s West End.
If you want to join us please email or alternatively just turn up next Thursday night, 7pm at St Mary’s Church, St Mary’s Street, Ely CB7 4HF.
Hope to see you there!

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