Compassionate Cathy is given a Community Star

Compassionate Cathy is given a Community Star

When we were sent a Community Star nomination for Cathy Wright, the manager of Foodbank, we were thrilled and leapt into action. Spotted in Ely has been a very keen supporter of this amazing lady for a long time.

The Foodbank in Ely has now been running for 7 years and without this incredibly compassionate lady, it wouldn’t be in the position it is today, helping hundreds of people every month.

The nomination came from Ashley Handscombe and read “Most Compassionate. Cathy is the director of Ely foodbank and various other Distribution centres around the Ely area. Although this is a job for Cathy there is never anything that she would decline to do to promote the service available to those in need, Cathy often works extra hours in the evenings to hold talks to various agencies and always does so with a huge amount of pride and dedication, Cathy has been doing this day in day out for the past 7 years and does not realise what an amazing person this makes her.”

We surprised Cathy and the volunteers of the Foodbank at their annual Christmas Coffee Meeting in Caffe Nero on High Street, Ely. Under the guise of wanting to discuss future plans about a partnership between Foodbank and Spotted in Ely in 2020, we slipped in that we had received the email from Ashley and to the surprise of all the Foodbank volunteers the award was presented.

Cathy, you are a kind compassionate and all-round amazing lady and Ely is very pleased you are here to help those who need help every day.

Ely Foodbank is always looking for donations of food and drink, especially at Christmas time. If you can help please see their Facebook page.

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