Construction day cements interest among Ely College students

A construction skills day at Cambridge Regional College has cemented interest in the booming building sector among Ely College pupils.

The 18 Year 11 construction students from Ely College got to operate an excavator as part of a major career event, designed at encouraging more people to take up building apprenticeships.

The students said it had been a fantastic experience, with the chance to test their skills on simulators as well as real diggers, and talk to major employers exhibiting at the event, including Mick George, Flannery Plant Hire and Balfour Beatty.
Ely student George Thurlow, said “The trip was enjoyable and exciting, I did something I’ve never experienced before in driving a digger.
“The experience to go on a simulator for the dump trucks is something I will never forget.”
Fellow Year 11 pupil Danny Pake said it had been a great afternoon.
“The trip made me understand diggers more, which will help me when I go into farming as a career.”
Ely College Technology Teacher David Mackintosh said it had been an excellent experience, enjoyed by all the pupils.
“The Ely College Construction students were amazed at the construction activities on offer at CRC, from completing tasks on the simulators to driving excavators,” he said.
“It was a truly unique experience that will last in the students’ memories. The links we made with industry will prove valuable in years to come to enhance the learner experience. Our students left the day highly motivated ready for their next step in education.”
CRC Assistant Principal Paul Skitt said: “We were delighted to welcome Ely College students to the preview of the Construction Careers Day and give them the opportunity to see construction in action.
“They really enjoyed the opportunities to test their skills and talk to companies about careers in the sector.”

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