Could Ely’s Leisure Village Underpass be getting a makeover and can you help?

We often receive messages regarding the graffiti that appears on the wall of the underpass leading to Ely’s new Leisure Village and we have today spoken with an officer at the Council who tells Spotted in Ely, that they are aware and plans are underway to make big changes.

When plans for the new underpass where unveiled, several people approached us and asked about making a community mural from graffiti and we thought it was a great idea at the time but due to red tape, various owners of various plots made it impractical at the time.

The officer from East Cambs is now in talks with highways about how the local mural will benefit the underpass and any further graffiti will then be easily removed with the artwork having a special coating to protect it. Although agreements are not in place, we need local artists to come forward and help create the masterpiece like the examples below.

With the help of Spotted in Ely, East Cambs will approach the Highways Department from Cambridgeshire County Council and seek permission for work to begin.

Are you a local artist or know someone who can assist in designing and creating a lifelong masterpiece for the barren walls? Then please email me, and let us turn an eyesore into a place to visit.

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