Create it!, Do it!, Record it! and Shout about it! with Ely Wildlife Watch

10 year old Jasmine McIntosh lives in Ely and is a long standing member of Ely Wildlife Watch, the junior club of the Wildlife Trust.

Jasmine has been working hard to achieve her Kestrel award. This award has four wildlife challenges: Create it!, Do it!, Record it! and Shout about it!. To complete the final stage of her award, Jasmine has written an article for Spotted In Ely to shout about her experiences discovering wildlife with Ely Wildlife Watch.

Read Jasmine’s article below:

Do you love wildlife? Are you often found outside with nature? Wildlife Watch is a very good young peoples nature groups for 4 to 10 year olds, doing lots of activities such as building bug hotels and identifying trees by their twigs. It is a fun group to attend.

As well as holding monthly meetings at Pocket Park, wildlife watch also has some fun awards. Under 8’s do the hedgehog award and over 8’s do the Kestrel Award. I have been working for my Kestrel Award, there are 4 sections. In the arts and crafts section I have written a poem about wildlife, made a yummy chocolate hedgehog cake and created a natural art collage. I have taken actions by building my own bird box for our garden, created a bird feeding station and carefully observed the wildlife in my garden over 6 weeks.

Many litter picks around our estate have helped me earn my Kestrel Award. Overall, I think that there is just too much litter in Ely and on planet Earth, it harms nature and destroys habitats and poisons animals.

I wish more people cared about our planet and picked up the litter and wanted to find out more about nature. If you would like to try and be more wildlife friendly do attend the Wildlife Watch meetings on the second Saturday of each month in Pocket Park.

Press release from Ely Wildlife Watch 

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