Creative Industries Event at Witchford Village College

A group of over sixty Year 8 pupils had an inspiring day on Wednesday when representatives from Creating the Future project visited the College. The aim of the project is to build effective careers education, information, advice and guidance on pathways to the creative industries. This sector is a fast-growing part of the UK economy and more needs to take place to ensure that students can access these careers and are encouraged to do so.

Students were challenged to design an Instagram post for a pizza advert with hashtags and then pitched their ideas to the representatives and each other. As a second exercise, groups were tasked to create a campaign for a 30-day challenge aimed at their age group to inspire wellbeing and health. They had to include an idea for an App, an advertising campaign, logo and strap line and then sell it to their audience.

Students were split into ten groups and had to work collaboratively with input from everyone in the group to formulate ideas. Great resilience was shown when students had to stand up and present to each other, each taking a role in the process. The professionals that worked with them during the day commented about how engaged they were with the process and the breadth of ideas that were being talked about; some they had not seen before.

Staff from the College gave students examples of the career paths into creative work that some of our ex-pupils have successfully taken. Creating the Future is a partnership project with Festival Bridge working with the Arts Council to connect young people with art and culture. We are very grateful to the representatives from the project, they are very inspiring people with interesting experiences to share about their work within the creative industries.

Working with Creating the Future continues into next year when twenty Year 9 students will undertake a two-day visit to a creative business and a Higher Education provider to work shadow and interview industry professionals.

Press release from Witchford Village College 


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