Does Anyone Have My Trike?

Yet again the community of Littleport haven’t disappointed with their resolve and community minded perseverance.

Often people accidentally mislay items around Littleport. Whether this be a child’s cuddly softy or more recently a 10” dinosaur. Sadly, but luckily not so often, something is stolen.

In both instances the drive by the community and our local beat officers to reunite the owner with the item is incredible.  Showing no tiring of resources until both are united. This coming together by the Littleport residents, takes the forms of chats in the local shops, cafes, on social media and word of mouth.

On Thursday (11th Oct) a very unusual mint green Jorvik child carrier trike was stolen from Johanna and her family. The family naturally were very upset and distraught, not sure if they would ever see it again.

During the day PCSO,s Robinson and Chennell were out on patrol locally, when they noticed an unusual looking trike in Church Lane.  The trike was with a group.  The ever poised police nose sniffed out, that something wasn’t right or adding up.

Details were obtained and the trike was seized and stored temporarily at the Co-Op. Through the power of social media and the community the trike was then cycled by a police officer back to the now happy owner.

An eye witness: Elaine confirmed that about 21:55hrs she was travelling along Wisbech Rd when she saw an unusual, but amusing sight.  A Police Officer wearing a fluorescent jacket was riding the trike towards the chippy roundabout and was being tailed by a marked police car.

The owner of the trike, Johanna advised that her family had happily owned the trike for about 4 months. It was now an integral part of the family.  Being ridden around the village and to take her young daughter to school.

Johanna has been bowled over by the support of the Littleport community and their infectious resolve to get the bike quickly back to the family. Johanna initially reported to the police the theft and also did a local social media post showing a photo of the missing bike.

So many people have since sent the family messages of support and to say how pleased everybody is, that they now have the bike back.

The police have advised that enquiries re: the suspects are continuing and if anybody knows any details to contact East Cambs Police.

I have been reliably informed that a photograph of the officer riding the trike is in existence. But they are being a bit shy.
However, the officer may participate in the annual naked bike ride in Cambridge next year. As he/she has got a taste for the saddle (Joking! Like the above pic, a bit of artistic licence)

To Johanna and her family. Wishing you many years of trike enjoyment in Littleport. If locals see them, give them a wave.

Maria x


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