Drivers warned to put the brakes on speeding – or face the consequences

Kill your speed or face the consequences, police warn speeding motorists, following a crackdown in East Cambridgeshire today.
This morning special constables Tom Howard and Mark Gillibrand clocked two drivers whizzing through Ely Road between Ely and Littleport at speeds of 44mph and 48mph in a 30mph zone.
Both drivers were pulled over and served with Traffic Offence Reports which could result in a fine or a court appearance – which may include a driving ban.
Meanwhile another two drivers were stopped by police after travelling at 36mph and 38mph in a 30mph zone of Ely Road, Little Downham.
Both were accelerating prematurely towards the 60mph area, according to police.
Special Constable Howard said:”Drivers ought to be lowering speeds before they enter the 30mph zones, and they should wait for the derestriction signs before they put their foot down again.”
He said 30mph areas were the most dangerous zones when it came to crashes involving cars and pedestrians. More often than not these happened in built up areas.
“A collision between a pedestrian and car at 30mph is a 50/50 survival rate. 40mph is usually fatal.”

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