E-Cop Alert – An Introduction

Dear E-coppers,
Many of you may not yet know, but due to some local changes in duties, PCSO Jonathan Hall will no longer be your local officer.  He will now be moving into Ely City Centre, (where many of you will still see him from time to time, whilst out shopping) and I am confident that you will all join me in wishing him every success on his new ‘Beat’! I would now like to take this opportunity to introduce myself as your new Police Community Support Officer for Littleport and surrounding areas.
Some of you may know me of old as I used to patrol your village some six years ago and have returned for various incidents and events over the years. For the past 4-5 years I have patrolled all the West villages including, Haddenham, Sutton and Stretham to name but a few. I am also the ‘single point of contact’ for the whole of the farming community in East Cambs and work very closely with Countryside Watch.
One of my first challenges, is to manage the school run parking issues at both the Littleport Community Primary School (around Parsons Lane and Woodfen Road) and Millfield Primary School on Grange lane. I began today with patrolling in and around Parsons lane and this afternoon have placed flyers on parents cars reminding them where it is an offence to park. I will do the same next week along Grange lane and over the coming weeks will continue to monitor this. If the same problems continue with parents or carer’s flagrantly abusing the warnings, then I will issue a Fixed Penalty Notices which is currently £30.
That said, I am looking forward to getting to know many of you over the coming months. Please feel free to approach me if you see me out and about, as it is always good to have a chat and catch up on local issues.
Kind Regards
PCSO Annie Austin
Ely North Team

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