East Cambridgeshire District Council forms new communications partnership

John HillEast Cambridgeshire District Council has formed a new partnership with Spirus to deliver its PR and communications over the next six months.
With the new four year Corporate Plan for East Cambridgeshire at the heart of the council’s strategic vision, and with the contract for PR and communications coming to an end and once again up for tender, a need was identified for an increased level of resource and support to effectively communicate ECDC’s activities and key messages.
Spirus – who will now divide their time between their office in Burwell and the council offices in Ely – was interviewed by Chief Executive, John Hill, and members over a two stage process. ECDC is confident that in their new partner, they have an enthusiastic team that can bring a fresh perspective to the role, as well as an extensive range of additional areas of expertise that can be utilised when required.
John Hill stated: “2016 is set to be a very busy year and we look forward to working with Spirus to communicate the delivery of our priorities and the things that matter to our local communities.”
By actively engaging with local residents, and finding new ways to do so, Spirus will ensure information regarding the council’s progress towards delivering its priorities and making East Cambridgeshire an even better place to live, work and visit (its overriding aim) is disseminated promptly and accurately.

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