Eco Ely, Spotted In Ely & Ely Swish Join Fundraising Forces to Bring The Zero Waste Revolution to Ely

The Prospects Trust will open its GREEN grocery, Farm Food Servery and Refill Larder this September in Ely.

Eager to fundraise for the first stock of the shop and to create a series of Eco/Local events, Eco Ely, Spotted in Ely and the expertise of Ely Swishers have come together to host the first fun fundraiser for Prospects Trust Unwrapped – THE BIG GREEN SWISH 2019

Prospects Trust Unwrapped will open its new venture in Ely in September, but on the 19th July, an evening event of ‘Swishing’ will be held in the recently converted store front and community room at the Lighthouse Centre, Ely (13 Lynn Road, CB7 4EG).

Doors open at 7pm, with homemade cakes and bakes, refreshments and a raffle. Entrance fee of £5 will be donated (minus booking fees) to Prospects Trust (Registered Charity 1048584) and Eco Ely to create a programme of other Eco-events for Ely.   

For more event details please visit:   Swishing tickets can be purchased online:

Tom Cockerton, Prospects Trust Unwrapped Manager said, “I have been amazed by the local support, volunteers, donated goods and offers of help I have received since we took over the shop renovation in June.  The Swishing Event was suggested at our Public Consultation Events held in May and I am delighted to say our shop conversion is now at a phase where we can host our first ever shop out of hours event.”

Hayley Ellis, Eco-Ely Founder said, “Eco Ely is a group aimed at like-minded residents of Ely and surrounding villages, who are interested in environmental issues, sustainability, recycling and making a difference where we live. With help from Spotted in Ely this group has reached over 1300 members in just 2 months. We are hoping to increase eco-awareness in Ely and work with a wide variety of people in the community to improve our city.  We would love to raise funds to put on local events, eco-friendly workshops and raise awareness”.

Mark Cooney, Editor of Spotted in Ely, “I was delighted when Hayley contacted SiE about her Eco Ely idea and it’s been a pleasure to work with her to develop this group. We’ve worked together on an interactive recycling map for the area and we are honoured to be co-hosting and promoting this local eco-friendly event.

This event will showcase local businesses, handicrafts and Eco products, adding more fun to an exciting evening of Swishing. Stalls will be in the main community hall of the Lighthouse with clothes rails for the Swish dotted around the new Unwrapped shop.

Ruth Buckley, the Ely Swish Co-ordinator said, “Swishing is an exchange of those pretty, classic and barely worn items we all have hiding in our wardrobes and finding something new instead! Clothes Swapping gives you all the excitement of something new to you to wear while taking an eco-step forward to avoid throw away fashion.  Do your bit and have some fun! To participate in the Swish, bring up to 10 items of clothes, shoes or Accessories. These must be wearable, ironed where relevant and clean. My rule of thumb is if you would lend it to a friend you can Swish it. The points system is as follows: 10 points for high street names, 20 for premium high street and up to 50 points for outfits, suits, evening dresses and designer items.  The check in volunteers are experienced and fair. When you check in your items, you will be awarded points according to what you have brought and your “Swicket” will be stamped in multiples of 10 points. This event welcomes previous Swishers and new people who wish to trade their clothes, rejuvenate their wardrobes AND do their bit for the environment.”

Prospects Trust Unwrapped will be a new social venture offering a Green Grocery to the shoppers of Ely and real retail experience to people with additional needs.  Prospects Trust will offer a supported training package for young people and adults to learn food hygiene, retail and customer service in their shop. The shop will stock local, seasonal and eco product ranges alongside the organic vegetables, fruits and preserves from Snakehall Farm.  A refill wall of pantry staples and a refill service of household liquids will enable Ely consumers to shop single-use-plastic-free.

Press release from The Prospects Trust

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