Editors introduction to LinkedIn

Alison (left) - Events Manager and Mark (right) - Editor and Founder
Alison (left) – Events Manager and Mark (right) – Editor and Founder

Spotted in Ely has never really been about business but more focusing on the people and the events of Ely. Times have to change especially now the small team of people commit over 100 hours of work to the project.
It’s because of this commitment that we now have over 80% of the online interaction from media sources in Ely!! WE ARE TRULY SOCIAL.
Having been persuaded by Nikki Pepper at Link4Growth that this is the place to be to start interacting with local businesses, I am finally here.
Quite often I have heard:
I am worried about what people will say about my business on Spotted in Ely – well do not fear. The one thing we have seen when promoting business is that many people of been complimentary and we do monitor very carefully what is said and done.
If I promote on there I am get to busy – Well that’s a statement no business should ever make surely? Busy is good and in itself a magnificent selling point. Busy means people want to use you, people wanting to use you means you have the opportunity to grow and make additional profit.
If you printed I would advertise with you – I recently read an article by a university in the US. Over 70% of anything read these days is read and seen online!!! Print is a dying industry, look at the national newspaper “The Independent”. They stopped printing and stayed online and are now bigger and more popular than ever. They said, “Leaving print behind, means we prepare for the future of digital media and are now ahead of the game”.
Spotted in Ely is here to help both people and businesses promote and grow. Ely itself is about to expand beyond recognition and with new leisure facilities on the way, the 21st century is on the way and we believe we are ahead of the game.
Don’t get left behind.

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