Ely Air Cadet Awarded the Jean Baker Civilian Gliding Scholarship

Congratulations to Ely Squadron’s Sergeant Soarise McNeil who has beaten stiff competition from all around the country to be awarded the Jean Baker civilian gliding scholarship.

Sergeant McNeil will be able to choose a civilian gliding club to attend and the charity will pay for her to train as a solo glider pilot and for her first years membership of the gliding club.

Royal Air Force Air Cadet Squadron’s all across the UK are preparing to open thier doors to thier Cadets once again.

In preparation for Squadrons once again accepting new recruits in the future, you can join your local Squadron’s waiting list now.

Simply click on the link below to register your interest for when your nearest local Squadron opens it’s doors once again to new recruits in the near future.


From 1094 Ely Squadron Royal Air Force Air Cadets

Ely Squadron’s Sergeant Soarise McNeil
Ely Squadron’s Sergeant Soarise McNeil
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