Ely Air Cadets Adventure Under the Stars

Good luck to Flight Sergeant Rory Donoghue from Ely Air Cadets as he sets off with just 4 other Air Cadets all from Bedfordshire and Cambridgeshire Wing to join 300 senior army cadets to one of the UK’s Army Training Grounds for a week of adventure under the stars.

The Flight Sergeant was joined by Cpl Hope (Spalding), Cdt Paszka (Holbeach), Cpl Fletcher (Cranfield)
and Sgt Keenan (Linton) when they were offered the rare opportunity to represent the Air Training Corps at a week long Army Cadet fieldcraft exercise where some of the Army Cadets senior cadets qualify for their 3 Star award.

The cadets will be sleeping and cooking out in the field under “bashers” and taking part in day and night patrols and ambush exercises with the Army Cadets and adult staff carrying blank firing rifles just as they would in regular Army training exercises.

This unique training opportunity for Beds and Cambs Air Cadets to spend time alongside our Army Cadet colleagues came about when the Wing’s Shooting Officer was invited by the Army Cadet adult staff to assist in the running of their week long exercise. As well as learning about Army tactics and infantry field skills the cadets will also have the opportunity to practice their long range target shooting skills under close adult supervision.

The Wing Shooting staff have plans to offer similar exercises for Beds and Cambs Air Cadets later this year at a local Army training ground and the Flight Sergeant and the other Air Cadets and NCO’s with them hope to acquire the experience necessary to assist the staff in the running of future Air Cadet field exercises.

From 1094 Ely Squadron Royal Air Force Air Cadets

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