Ely Air Cadets First Flights

On Saturday our cadets visited 7 Air Experience Flight at RAF Cranwell and also 614 Volunteer Gliding Squadron at Robertson Army Barracks (Previously RAF Swanton Morley) for their Part Task Trainer and Ground School Course.

Unfortunately due to technical difficulties only two of our cadets flew today at RAF Cranwell but they were first time fliers 1st Class Cadet’s Nikki Bell and Emily Jeffs. 
Emily who can be seen in the photo below qualified for her Blue ATP Wings Badge today having previously attended her Ground school training.

We look forward to hearing all about their first flight as an Air Cadet and how they enjoyed taking control of an RAF Aircraft and performing aerobatics.

At Swanton Morley 1st Class cadets Tasha Bell , Kida Western and Rhys Steyn all passed their ground school course with Tasha being awarded her blue flying wings badge as she had already flown in a Grob Tutor Aircraft.

Kida and Ryhs are now looking forward to being awarded thier wings once they go flying for the first time as cadets.

We would like to thank Civilian Instructors Martyn Pitman and Sally Hagues who drove the Cadets to and from Cranwell and Swanton Morley today giving up their Saturday to look after the cadets.

If you would like to find out more about the Air Cadets then simply click on the hyperlink and enter your postcode to find your nearest Air Cadet Squadron

From 1094 Ely Squadron Royal Air Force Air Cadets

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